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Questionnaire Overviews

Decision Graph:
Policy Space:


  • Martyn Rittman
Model Version 0.2
Released 2018-06-10
Keywords journal, open access

Policy Space

The chart below displays the range of tags that may be suggested at the conclusion of the interview. These tags cover properties such as the regulatory classification of the information, the sensitivity of the information, the terms of governing contractual agreements, and the appropriate data security and other handling requirements. Hover/touch the icons, where available, to see a short explanation about specific values.

complete One of:
yes no
tcs One of:
yes no
preprintFeedback One of:
yes no
licenses One of:
single many
preprint One of:
yes no
journalKnown One of:
oa hybrid notOpen no
licenseKnown One of:
yes no